Today, homeowners are asking more from their water. That’s why we bring you innovative technology that allows them to efficiently tune their water quality to their specific household needs.


Introducing our DiEntry© water purification system with CapDI© technology! Now, you can set your homes apart in the market by delivering premium, purified water that’s better for drinking, laundry, valuable appliances — and most importantly — your customers.

Don’t go with the flow.

Step up your water game and stay ahead of the competition with DiEntry. This point-of-entry whole-home purification system lets homeowners customize their water quality to their needs, so they can enjoy a more satisfying sip, shower and more.

Build scale-free homes.

From laundry machines to main piping systems in their home, scaling can cause major property damage for your customers — and as the builder, more headaches for you. Voltea’s DiEntry System purifies the water running through a residence, keeping scaling and corrosion at bay.

Less waste. More savings.

Nowadays, home buyers expect more sustainable options before they seal the deal. DiEntry wastes less water than traditional purification systems, helping them lower their environmental footprint — and their water bill.

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