02 Jul Voltea Launches DiEntry® Next Generation Water Purification at PCBC

Voltea Launches DiEntry® Next Generation Water Purification at PCBC

Dallas, TX, June 27, 2018- Authored by Heather Leighow

Voltea, the global leader in membrane-capacitive deionization (CapDI©) electro-desalination technology, is launching its first residential-focused water purification unit, DiEntry, at PCBC on June 27-28. Perfectly suited to the water quality and environmental needs of high-end West Coast home builders and homeowners, DiEntry is next generation technology that leapfrogs any existing residential system.

DiEntry addresses the most pressing water issues in the market – quality, taste and waste – by using Voltea’s energy-saving CapDI technology to “tune” water to meet the needs of the homeowner and community. This technology has disrupted an industry that relies on chemical additives or so-called “soft” salt to treat water.

Because of its patented technology and growing customer base across multiple industries, Voltea was recognized as the Breakthrough Water Technology Company of the Year at the 2018 Global Water Summit in Paris.

“We’re pleased to provide a transformative product for the residential market that is based on our industry-leading CapDI technology,” said Voltea CEO Bryan Brister. “Home builders and homeowners will benefit from our experience providing water treatment solutions to some of the top companies in the world.”

Builders: A Competitive Advantage
DiEntry provides “customizable” and fundamentally better water within the home as well as better and less water discharged from the home. Its small footprint is easy to design and build around, as it needs less space than other residential water treatment systems.

Builders offering and installing DiEntry are positioning themselves as being on the cutting edge of technology for water purification. Plus, Voltea’s network of support professionals are available for product and installation advice and instruction.

Homeowners: Environmental and Financial Benefits
DiEntry is also a game-changer for homeowners, who are increasingly interested in technology that facilitates a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. DiEntry provides homeowners unprecedented control over the quality and taste of their water while reducing the environmental impact because it uses and wastes less water than other products. It can be perfectly tuned to provide on-demand purified water from all faucets of the home, every time, with no salt or chemicals.

Financial benefits to homeowners include long-term savings in water and energy usage as well as being in immediate compliance with community restrictions on water usage and runoff from traditional water softening systems.

Communities: Regulatory Compliance
There are already 25 communities in California that have banned or greatly restricted traditional water softening systems because of chemical-related issues and the amount of water they waste each year. More communities and entire regions of the country are following suit.

The DiEntry system’s “no salt, no chemicals” technology as well as its water-saving design make it the new standard for residential water treatment.

About Voltea

Voltea has been delivering electro-desalination water treatment equipment to institutional, commercial and industrial customers for more than 10 years. Voltea’s CapDI© systems remove dissolved salts from water using electricity with less environmental cost than any other available technology. Voltea was recently named Breakthrough Water Technology Company of the Year at the 2018 Global Water Summit in Paris. Also, the company was recognized as one of the 21 Technology Pioneers 2013 at the World Economic Forum, listed in the 2011 Global Cleantech 100 and won the best new technology award at the 2010 Global Water Summit.