29 Apr Voltea Spotlights Breakthrough Water Treatment Technology at NRA Show 2018

Voltea Spotlights Breakthrough Water Treatment Technology at NRA Show 2018

Patented Technology in DiUse® Continuously “Tunes” Water to Perfect Salinity;

Significant Taste, Economic and Sustainability Benefits Result for Restaurants and Cafes

Booth #9213

Dallas, TX, April 27, 2018- Authored by Heather Leighow

Voltea, the global leader in membrane-capacitive deionization (CapDI©) electro-desalination technology, is showcasing its recently launched chemical-free water treatment systems at the NRA Show 2018, May 19-22 in Chicago.

These systems are tailored to help restaurants improve quality, consistency and taste in water-based products such as coffee and fountain drinks. The technology also provides no-salt, no-chemical softening for water going into equipment such as commercial ware/dishwashers to ensure spot-free rinse while protecting equipment.

Voltea’s energy-saving CapDI technology “tunes” water to the ideal salinity to match the application, which has disrupted an industry that relies on chemical additives or so-called “soft” salt to treat water. Because of its patented technology and growing customer base across multiple industries, Voltea was recognized as the Breakthrough Water Technology Company of the Year at the 2018 Global Water Summit in Paris.

For Restaurants: Advanced Technology Drives Taste, Economic and Sustainability Benefits
The featured product at the Voltea booth is DiUse®, which is of keen interest to restaurant owners and operators because it ensures consistent delivery of precise water quality with improved taste for coffee, water, fountain drinks and more.

Additionally, DiUse softens water going into commercial ware wash machines and other equipment without adding so-called “soft” salts or other harsh chemicals. DiUse provides no-salt, no-chemical water softening, thereby protecting restaurant equipment and delivering a spot-free rinse.

The salt-free, chemical-free technology is a simple two-step process wherein water flows between electrodes. The electrode surfaces are separated from the water by ion-selective membranes that allow positive or negative ions (salt) to pass.

Taste the Proof! Award-Winning Barista Erhan Dizbay at the Voltea Booth
Show attendees can visit Voltea booth #9213 throughout the show to taste the Voltea water difference! Award-winning barista Erhan Dizbay will provide free coffee beverages made with CapDI-treated water, as well as host a daily demo on the visible difference of brewed tea made with CapDI water versus tap water.

This demonstration will illustrate why and how a Voltea DiUse system should be the standard of excellence for every restaurant and café. CapDI-treated water will also be available for comparative taste tests. Based in Amsterdam, Dizbay is well-known throughout Europe as a trainer and passionate advocate for an exceptional coffee experience.

“Restaurants and cafes are aware of the critical importance of pure, clean, economical and sustainable water sources,” said Voltea CEO Bryan Brister. “Owners and managers are notoriously demanding when it comes to consistency of the customer experience, which is why we’re delighted that restaurants around the world are embracing the Voltea technology that provides so many benefits to operators and their clientele.”

Attendees can also get a sneak peek at a new CapDI point-of-entry (PoE) product – DiEntry®, which will debut later this year. DiEntry uses the same technology and has similar benefits to DiUse but is designed to handle water treatment for an entire home, restaurant or café.

DiUse and DiEntry are miniaturized versions of Voltea’s industrial and commercial CapDI systems, which run with patented CapDI technology. The system monitors incoming water quality in real time and self-adjusts performance to ensure it delivers consistent, precise water quality with improved taste.

Voltea reps will be available to speak about CapDI system products at the show.

 About Voltea

Voltea has been delivering electro-desalination water treatment equipment to institutional, commercial and industrial customers for more than 10 years. Voltea’s CapDI© systems remove dissolved salts from water using electricity with less environmental cost than any other available technology. Voltea was recently named Breakthrough Water Technology Company of the Year at the 2018 Global Water Summit in Paris. Also, the company was recognized as one of the 21 Technology Pioneers 2013 at the World Economic Forum, listed in the 2011 Global Cleantech 100 and won the best new technology award at the 2010 Global Water Summit.