08 Sep Voltea Closes Investment Round and Ramps Up Commercialization – 2016

Voltea Closes Investment Round and Ramps Up Commercialization – 2016

Sassenheim, September 8 2016- Authored by Heather Leighow

Voltea, the world’s leader in electro-desalination with its Membrane Capacitive Deionization (CapDI©) solution, has completed a €6M capitalization round following commercialization success in multiple global sectors. In addition to the existing consortium of investors supporting the round, Voltea is excited to announce a new investor joined the syndicate – Anterra Capital.

This investment will allow Voltea to accelerate commercialization of its disruptive CapDI deionization technology in the global industrial and commercial water treatment markets, as well as the residential water softener market. The capital will be used to hire key engineering and sales talent, and to bring online an automated, robotic module assembly facility.

Voltea’s CEO, L. Bryan Brister explained, “Voltea is extremely excited by this investment and the expertise of our investor syndicate. The industry has been transitioning from validating whether CapDI works, to accepting and implementing it in a broad array of applications. As a result, Voltea has entered an exciting time of commercial expansion where our manual production capacity has been outstripped by market demand. We will use this capital to further expand and strengthen our global sales team, extend engineering depth and increase production capacity.”

A key customer for Voltea, system integrator Tim Fitzgerald of PAPSCO was among the pioneering leaders driving commercialization of Voltea’s technology in North America and he commented, “CapDI has proven to be a competitive alternative solution to traditional desalination technologies in a wide range of applications. Keeping up with the growth in sales and commercialization has become a welcomed challenge.”

“We are excited to support the further growth of Voltea investing alongside Rabobank, ETF and Unilever. We have known Voltea for many years and are impressed by the accelerated commercial progress they’ve made over the past 18 months. Water scarcity is a huge issue for the agricultural sector, with agriculture accounting for more than 70% of fresh water withdrawals. Voltea’s CapDI systems have been proven in multiple applications to be the lowest cost and most sustainable water treatment solution. That combination is great for the world, and a great investment for Anterra Capital,” added Adam Anders, Managing Partner at Anterra Capital.

Voltea’s Chairman, Oliver Gosemann, added, “The water industry is quite conservative and slow to adopt innovative technologies, which is surprising given the pressure on water resources worldwide. However, Voltea has been able to transition very quickly from an R&D culture to driving commercialization of CapDI and has an impressive list of blue-chip global brands in late stage evaluation of the technology in many markets. The future is very bright.”

Voltea’s CapDI devices remove salts and other dissolved solids from water simply by applying electric fields across the water flow. This lowers maintenance, energy, and CapEx compared to traditional approaches, which depend on high pressure or heat. Voltea’s technology recovers up to 90% of treated water, which is a big step forward in efficient water use. The devices are highly modular and have been miniaturized to the size of a coffee cup.

Voltea achieved key advances that have resulted in robust performance, lifetime, and reliability while attaining a cost structure superior to traditional deionization technologies. Large-scale commercial and industrial CapDI systems are now operating on five continents with continued expansion opportunities globally. Key industries that are adopting Voltea’s solution include food and beverage, automotive, commercial laundry, and horticulture.

 About Voltea

Voltea has been delivering electrochemical water-conditioning equipment to institutional, commercial and industrial customers for over 9 years. Voltea’s CapDI© systems remove dissolved salts from water using electricity at a lower economic and environmental cost than any other available technology. Voltea was recognized as one of the 21 Technology Pioneers 2013 at the World Economic Forum, listed in the 2011 Global Cleantech 100 and won the best new technology award at the 2010 Global Water Summit.