CapDI© is used in a variety of industrial applications, from treating cooling towers to wastewater reuse.

We design our systems based on the type of application and required water qualities.

Voltea equipment improves operational performance and lifetime of a wide range of industrial equipment. Our systems feature tunable deionization of water for industrial and commercial applications, while the compact footprint of Voltea’s modular IS systems design affords simple, containerized deployment. To date, we have deployed systems allowing up to 48 modules in a single 40 foot container, delivering over 537 m3 (142k US gallons) of deionized water per day.

“Voltea came to our rescue, giving us water that we could use when we did not have another option.”

Jim Jones, Air Products

Wastewater Reuse

Wastewater effluent, or treated sewage effluent, is of little use to customers due to the level of dissolved salt in the effluent. CapDI installed after MBR or SBR systems enables customers to re-use the effluent for a variety of applications, such as cooling towers, boiler-feed, and irrigation for landscaping and golf courses. For these applications, CapDI recovers up to 95% of the effluent with minimal chemical and power usage. CapDI systems have been proven to operate efficiently on the effluent of municipal wastewater with minimal pre-treatment requirements.

Cooling Towers

In industrial applications, cooling towers use large quantities of water and chemicals. A cooling tower carries away heat through the evaporation of water. This water contains natural salts such as calcium, bicarbonate, chloride, and sulfate. The salts do not evaporate and build up over time, thus causing corrosion and scaling. To prevent this, traditionally chemicals are added to the cooling water.

CapDI treats the water before it enters the cooling tower, reducing salts from the incoming water stream by 80%. The cooling tower does not need to be adapted since CapDI is placed before it, treating only the incoming water, therefore the composition of the recirculating water remains unchanged. This increases the cycles of concentration (COC) significantly, resulting in lower overall water consumption and wastewater production.

CapDI for Cooling Towers Brochure

Voltea CapDI Cooling Towers

Fewer scale and corrosion inhibitors are required to treat the water because of the decreased water consumption. For cooling systems that face existing problems with corrosion and scaling, CapDI is used to reduce the scaling and corrosion potential of cooling tower water. Once installed, CapDI is essentially risk-free since it does not change the chemical treatment program, the conductivity levels, or the settings of the cooling tower.


Flow Rate




Key factors go into determining the size of the industrial system for a customer. Factors include flow rate, power, water temperature, and TDS removal requirements. Simple modular design provides the flexibility to treat a few mL/min up to thousands of m3/hr in a compact footprint.


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